Growth Coach Chesapeake’s DISC Business Solutions

Growth Coach Chesapeake’s DISC Business Solutions


The Growth Coach Chesapeake’s DISC behavioral assessment tools use a working knowledge of human behavior to assist companies and organizations in making informed hiring decisions, increasing sales, building strong teams, reducing employee turnover, and improving an overall productivity and performance.


“How does a DISC Behavioral Assessment help our Business?”

The Growth Coach Chesapeake’s DISC report will help your Business learn about:

  • Different communication styles and how to communicate more effectively
  • Historical figures who share the same personality style and characteristics
  • Potential strengths & weaknesses as a team and as individuals
  • How staff members can contribute more effectively
  • Hidden fears and how those fears may affect the actions of staff members
  • The preferred working environments for the different personality types within your organization

“What is DISC?”

DISC Basics

  • DISC Personality Analysis is based on studies conducted at Harvard by Dr. William Marston in the first half of the 20th Century
  • Marston’s studies that identified four primary traits of personality and every person possesses some amount of each trait.
  • The DISC test measures the prevalence of each trait in an individual

Every person has a combination of these four styles:

  • Dominance – Direct, Decisive, Driven
  • Influence – Outgoing, Persuasive, Impulsive
  • Steadiness – Stable, Thoughtful, Reliable
  • Compliance – Conscientious, Organized, Systematic



DISC Insights

  • An Individual’s Communication style & how it relates to other styles
  • How an individual handles conflict and stress
  • An individual’s innate fears & how these affect their actions
  • An individual’s natural strengths & potential limitations
  • An individual’s personality differences in home, social, and work environments

“How does this apply to our Business?”

Business Applications

  • Unlocking the potential of your current staff
  • Improving communication in both personal and corporate environments
  • Talent management and hiring the right people who fit in your Business’ structure
  • Placing employees and/or volunteers where they will be most productive and content
  • Avoiding and resolving conflict
  • Building strong and cohesive Teams
  • Training sales people in styles of selling and meeting the needs of the client
  • Training management and leaders in leadership techniques, communication techniques, organization techniques, and interacting with people and the community

“What kind of organizations can benefit from DISC?”

  • Coaches, Consultant, & Corporate Trainers
  • Counselors
  • Any Business & Human Resources
  • Medical Practices
  • Law Practices
  • Education
  • Ministry and Faith Based Organizations
  • Government Agencies



Sales Blindspots

Sales Blindspots

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